ActiVet TuffZapper Coater DUO – German Grooming Brush 9.0 cm

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Used and recommended by the top groomers in the world.

These fantastic brushes are from Germany and were sometimes sold under another brand name, but they NEVER manufactured the product. These brushes were and still are created and manufactured by ActiVet®. This is the original and first, flexible brush and is the ONLY brush of its type worldwide. So the product is exactly the same, only the name is new (or old) depending how you look at it. Groomers Helper® is now the Exclusive Distributor of ActVet® Brushes in North America.

DUOs are two different brush types in one brush head, designed for applications that would normally require you to buy two brushes.

DUO TuffZapper Coater
This brush is a combination of:
1. ActiVet RED Mat Zapper
2. ActiVet PURPLE Pro Firm

BREED SUGGESTIONS: Tibetan Terrier, Golden Doodle, Bolonka Zwetna, Briard, Collie, Sheltie, Picard, Portuguese and Spanish Waterdogs, OES, Bearded Collie, Pon, etc.


We (Groomers Helper®) distribute a full line of ActiVet Brushes. They include:

1. Mat Zapper - Red
2. Pro Firm - Purple
3. Pro Soft - Green
4. Firm Coat Grabber - Silver
5. SuperSoft Coat Grabber - Gold

Distributed in North America exclusively through Groomers Helper®.

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