Blue Bottle Advanced Flea Control Medication Flex-Kit Treatment 10ml 12 monthly doses for Dogs and Cats up to 20 pounds

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GREAT FOR MULTI-PET HOUSEHOLDS! This product works equally well on any of your furry pets, safely! This product will kill Fleas within 24 hours, and continue to support re-infestations for 30 day or more. It is water proof, and very safe. We are offering a BLUE BOTTLE ADVANCED Flea Control Flex-Kit including 10 milliliters (cc) of treatment which can normally offer 12 monthly treatments (or more) on a cat or small dog (up to 20 pounds), and a safe applicator. Check the chart below to see how many monthly doses you will get based on your pets weight. Can be used for any size pet. 0-10lbs=24 doses 11-20lbs=12 doses 21-30lbs=8 doses 31-40lbs=6 doses 41-50lbs=5 doses 51-60lbs=4 doses 61-70lbs=3 doses SAVE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS!!! IMADACLOPRID is the best product for use as a FLEA CONTROL on your pets and is the active ingredient in many of the flea products sold at veterinarians. Ingredients are as follows - Imadacloprid 9.1% (active ingredient), 90.9% Inert (inactive) ingredients. You will receive a special protective sealed and re-closeable vial containing 10 ml/cc's of treatment (which is applied to the skin of your pet), an applicator used for measuring, and detailed instructions. On cats the best location is between the shoulder-blades and the neck (where they cannot lick it). On dogs, 2 to 4 places along their back - dogs will normally not lick it - as it is quite bitter. Just draw the proper dosage into the applicator and apply on your pet. This can also be used to protect your home from fleas (when a ml or so is mixed with water and sprayed around the pet's bed or sleeping area). **Please note this listing is for a 10ml size bottle, please check our other listings for a larger 30ml size bottle.

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