Cat Litter Mat (2-Pack) [50% OFF Father’s Day Sales!] – Soft and Durable – Package Includes 1 Big Cat Litter Mat and 1 Small Cat Litter Mat – [2-Year Warranty, 100% Money Back Guarantee] © Pet Magasin

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Here's a great way to stop cat litter from being tracked all over your floors. Put these mats outside the litter box where your cat will walk across it after leaving the box, and the rubberized fibers will catch and hold the litter particles. The beige color hides the accumulated litter, and you can clean up at your convenience with a hand vacuum, regular vacuum, or by giving the mat a shake outdoors. In case of liquid spills, just spray with any cleaner, rinse under cold water, and hang dry.

Makes a great "place mat" for your pets too! If your cat or dog is a sloppy eater, put one of these mats under their food or water bowl to catch spills, make cleanup easier, and prevent damage to wood floors. These mats are nonporous and will hold onto water without letting it soak through.

Pet Magasin is a company committed to quality products for your pets. All of our products are backed by a 2-year warranty and 100% money-back guarantee.

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