Deluxe Naturals Calcium Stick Elk Antler Chew, Medium

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No dog can resist this mouthwatering Calcium Stick elk antler chew. We carefully select the large pieces from our antlers and split them to expose the marrow inside. This is ideal for dog prefers a softer chew to skip the tough outside and get right into the marrow where dog finds it to be the most delicious. We call it Calcium Stick because it is designed specifically to maximize your dog’s intake of the natural calcium from the antler when chewing it. This chew is good for growing puppies in need of rich calcium for their diet, or for senior dogs who prefer a softer chew.

Life stage: All stages of life


1. We guarantee quality and minimum size of our products. Your full satisfaction is always our top priority. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product, we will happy to offer a free replacement. Please contact Deluxe Naturals for details.

2. We ONLY carry the top graded brown elk antlers from the United States. All our antlers are naturally shed and NO animals were harmed. NO growth hormones, antibiotics, or preservatives in our products. It's splinter-free so it won't hurt your dog's jaw.

3. NO RISK OF CONTAMINATION: EACH of our antler chews is cleaned and sanitized by using FDA-approved Ozone (O3) sanitization methods and sealed immediately after sanitization.

4. Our antlers were sent to FDA recommended lab facility for nutrition tests. The result of our antlers is high in Calcium, Phosphorous and Crude Protein and low in Crude Fat and Calories. These are excellent elements for dogs bone and teeth.

Ingredient: 100% natural elk antler

- Crude Protein (Min): 38.9%

- Crude Fat (Min): 1.2%

- Crude Fiber (Max): 1.8%

- Moisture (Max): 9.9%

- Calcium: 18.5%

- Phosphorus: 9.9%


Please remove the antler from your pet's mouth before it becomes:

1. Small enough to swallow

2. Too hard to chew (this will prevent hurting your dog's teeth)


Antler chews are natural and unique, the final product may vary in size, shape, weight, density and hue of color.

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