Dog Water Bottle-Portable for Walking-Hands Free with Bowl-Care for Your Pet Anywhere-Guaranteed

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YOU ARE A LOVING PET PARENT AND YOU WANT THE BEST FOR YOUR PAMPERED PUP. Taking them along when you're away from home makes you both happy. BUT... taking care of their physical needs while you are out can be a hassle!!! AFTER ALL, YOU ONLY HAVE 2 HANDS! You have to deal with a leash, your phone, keys, ID, your children, YOUR water bottle, treats, a poo bag,etc. It's hot outside. You need to take water along for your dog to keep them healthy while they are with you. WE HAVE THE BEST SOLUTION FOR YOU! Our dog water bottle is HANDS FREE & PORTABLE. Not only is it Convenient, it's STYLISH as well so you'll look great carrying it and your friends will be jealous. It's the easy way for you to provide healthy hydration for your pet wherever you are. Our dog Cisco, LOVES HIS and yours will too! The easy, adjust able spout lets you control the amount of water flowing into the bowl. No wasting water and your dog gets to drink in a more natural position. Keep the water in the bowl and off the floor of your car! No more sharing YOUR bottle (and germs) with your dog. Dogs are thirsty year round, whatever the weather, wherever you are, whatever you're doing. SO DON'T WAIT! BUY ONE NOW FOR EVERY PUP YOU KNOW THAT NEEDS PAMPERING! Your dog will love it. We guarantee it!

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