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Caldwell's Classic Dog Whistle is a high quality, adjustable frequency training aid. With time, you will learn how to use this device and raise a better behaved dog.

Can people hear dog whistles?

YES! To human ears, a dog whistle makes only a quiet hissing sound. The advantage of the dog whistle is that it doesn't produce a loud irritating noise for humans that a normal whistle would produce, so it can be used to train or command animals without disturbing nearby people.

What is a dog whistle used for?

Dog owners should use the whistle to gather their dog's attention by associating the unique pitch with their dog's favorite treat or activity. Dog whistles training is a positive reinforcement training or to inflict negative associations for the purpose of behavior modification.

Will using a dog whistle stop my dog from barking?

We get this question a lot and the answer is... yes, sort of.

If you train your dog to form a negative association with barking and the whistle, you can modify their barking behavior. This will take time; the younger your dog, the better chance you have with persistent training.

If you have not trained your dog, DO NOT expect a dog whistle to silence them. In fact, blowing the whistle in the early stages of training will cause your dog to react with more barking. DO NOT buy any dog whistle in hopes of stopping your neighbor's dog from barking.

How can I train my dog to come back with the whistle?

A dog whistle is very useful for getting a dog's attention. Training your dog to come back when alerted by the whistle is one application of a whistle that we highly recommend. For more information, check out our whistle training guide.


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