Dr. Baker’s Canine System Saver for Dogs, Cats and Small Animals, NEW LABEL

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System Saver is created from 5 all natural ingredients; Botswellia serrata, Citrus reticulate, Curcuma longa & Cameliea sinensis. It is a plant based alternative to corticosteroids and has proven successful in managing arthritis, dermatitis, inflammatory bowel disease, respiratory disorders, hip dysplasia, cartilage destruction, geriatric wasting, athletic/repetitive stress, occupational injury, autoimmune disorders (and more). Structural soundness is improved by inhibiting tissue destructive enzymes. You will not see the side effects that are caused by steroids, NSAID's & immune-suppressants. Sold in 120 capsule containers (1-4 months). Increase dose by 50% for a loading dose (3-6 weeks) or acute injury. Not for use if pregnant or nursing.

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