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After Surgery Wear is a patented e-collar alternative for cats and dogs medically designed to prevent animals from licking and chewing affected areas . Our dressings provide comfort, safety, and allow movement at home & in the car while patients recover. After Surgery Wear is available in 7 sizes ranging from XS to XXXL and comes with an adhesive hygienic pad which may be used to collect discharge. All cotton fabrics are: Breathable-which allows air flow circulation around the wound. Hypoallergenic-which means they are made using natural materials to reduce allergic reactions. Reusable-after sterilizing or washing the dressing in high temperatures. Application: Skin Disease: In cases of skin disease such as hot spots, After Surgery Wear protects affected areas which limits injuries and irritations caused by scratching or biting. The added protection from the external environment may also reduce the risk of infection. Post-Operative Care: For spaying, lump removals, tumors, and other abdominal surgeries Veterinary Review: "I was first concerned about the efficacy-whether the product would work as well as an e-collar, but I found that the fabrics are high quality and breathable. My clients like it a lot and I would recommend this product as an alternative to e-collars." Dr. E. Hanna, DVM The Collegeway Animal Hospital, Mississauga, ON Size Guide: After Surgery Wear is available in 7 sizes ranging from XS to XXXL. Choosing the right size for your patient will ensure the animal is safe and comfortable. Our simple design makes it convenient for clinicians to find the right fit. Step 1: Measure the distance between the center of the animal's upper front to back leg. Step 2: Refer to the sizing chart below to choose the right size. Step 3: Choose a fabric type. See our product page for details Sizing Guide (cm) XS: 22 S: 28 M: 36 L: 44 XL: 51 XXL: 59 XXXL: 70cm Find out more product information at: www.vetmedwear.com or call us at: 1-888-976-8696

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