Grade-A Split Elk Antler Chew: 100% Natural, Long-Lasting, Safe, Odor-Free and Healthy Single Ingredient Dog Treats Made in the USA (Medium Split)

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Nature's Finest Treat: BestBullySticks Split Elk Antler Chews Can't Be Beat

You know how thrilled your dog is when you reward them with a new treat. Now
think of how good it will feel to know that when you give them a
BestBullyStick split elk antler chew, you're not only offering something they'll love,
but is also great for their teeth and overall health. Traditional
chews are packed with scary chemicals, additives, artificial
ingredients and plastics that aren't meant to go in your pup's body. Split elk
antler chews are guaranteed all-natural
and dog-approved!

It's important what your dog puts in their mouth and body. All that munching
doesn't have to be wasted, or worse, harmful, which is exactly why these split elk
antler chews make the perfect choice for a treat that will keep that tail
wagging all day! Our "Made in the USA" chews come from naturally shed
antlers that are inspected for quality and rich in nutrients,
and you can feel good about the fact that each treat is
slaughterhouse free (unlike other treats) and affordable.

When we say natural, we mean it: split elk antler chews aren't processed in a factory
out of unknown ingredients. They come straight to us, where they are
cleaned, inspected and given to your dog to enjoy!
Split elk antler chews are naturally safe and durable, so your dog can have a blast
chewing on their new favorite treat for a long time. Even dogs with
sensitive teeth!
Great for dogs of all ages and sizes: whether you have a puppy or a senior dog, a
teacup poodle or a Golden Retriever, they will go nuts over these chews!

Safe, Healthy, Long-Lasting - All at a Great Price! Order now and get ready to watch
them bounce!

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