Lava Electronics QPets Q Clicker for Pets, 4-Pack

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Used by obedience trainers to mark desired behavior, this training clicker will let your pet know when they are doing as expected. When used in conjunction with rewards, the training clicker can help you train your pet in an effective, humane way. Rather than verbally acknowledge the behavior, tap the button in the middle of the unit to emit a short, distinct click at the moment your pet performs the desired action. Because a click is a sound your pet might not often hear, they will begin to understand the click "marks" the desired behavior. A click will always sound the same, unlike the human voice which can use several words and tones to express the same emotion. Your pet will be able to associate the click with the exact behavior they just performed. The clicker fits in the palm of your hand and includes an attached wrist coil, making it portable and easy to use. All it takes is a couple clicks to create a life-long bond and mutual respect between you and your pet.

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