Natura Petz I Want Liquid Immunity, Cellular and Antioxidant Support for Adult Pets, Lyme Defense 16.9ml, 500 Fluid-Ounce

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I Want Liquid Immunity - Whole Body Immunity, Cellular & Antioxidant Support is used holistically to support healthy immune function; to correct abnormal cell growth & to standardize normal cell operation; to reduce catabolic waste; to support systematic strength & health of organs, bone, muscle, cell, skin & connective tissue; to provide extra joint support, for growth abnormalities such as hip dysplasia, cysts & tumors, including fibrous, fatty, sebaceous, cutaneous mast & basal cell tumors, for mastocytomas, sarcomas, lipomas, histiocytomas, adenomas hyperplasia & papillomas. For all types of Lyme disease; to modulate & block bio-neurotoxins related to Lyme. An average of 60% Lyme infected patients show improvement using a Noni/Cat's Claw regimen. For periodontal disease; to support healthy formation of teeth & joints; to provide extra joint support for arthritis, osteoarthritis and Degenerative Joint Disease; to support Degenerative Myelopathy; to eliminate waste & toxins & to support metabolic co-regulation; as a Prebiotic & Probiotic antioxidant, anti-mutagenic, immunologic, antiviral, antibiotic, antibacterial, analgesic & antifungal.

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