NATURVET 978215 Anti-Diarrhea for Dog and Cat 8-Ounce

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AMERICAN ANIMAL HEALTH SOOTHABLES K.P.A.D KAOLIN PECTIN ANTI-DIARRHEAL 8OZ Kaolin Pectin Anti-Diarrheal for dogs, cats, sheep, goats, birds, small animals, and ferrets Important Information • Pleasant Tasting Liquid Suspension Each fluid ounce contains Kaolin - 90 gr and Pectin - 4 gr in a very palatable base. • Easy to administer K•P•A•D may be mixed with food or water or may be fed directly from a teaspoon. Recommended dosage (depending on body weight) for dogs, cats, sheep and goats...1 teaspoon to 2 tablespoons every 4 hours. See bottle label for dosage directions for birds, ferrets and other small animals. • Helps relieve simple diarrhea fast Gentle action should produce a noticeable improvement in 2 to 3 days. Helps relieve the irritation, discomfort and cramping usually associated with diarrhea. Animals being treated should have access to liberal amounts of fresh, clean drinking water.

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