Stank Be Gone- Dog Breath Freshener & Cat Breath Freshener. Dog Breath Remedy. No Brushing Required. Water Additive. Eliminate Bad Dog Breath. Dog Breath Remedies

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The Ultimate in Remedy for both Dogs and Cats to knock out bad breath
Just add a capful to your dogs or cats drinking bowl on a daily basis. That's it! Better than a dog dental spray.

What causes bad dog breath?
Periodontal disease is one of the leading causes of bad breath in dogs and cats. It's the #1 issue that veterinarians see in dogs and cats. It starts right after your dog or cat eats. Bacteria and other yucky things start to form a sticky film, called plaque over the teeth. Left untreated it can be associated with damage to internal organs. The first signs of periodontal disease with be with your dogs breath.

Dental Care for Dogs and Cats -
Stank Be Gone will help eliminate the bad dog breath. And will help with dog teeth cleaning. But you should also practice good oral hygiene and dental care by getting regular teeth cleanings by your veterinarian. Stank Be Gone works with your pets saliva. It uses it like a delivery system ensuring Stank Be Gone makes it way around every corner of their mouth! Pretty neat, right?

Stank Be Gone is a dog breath freshener and cat breath freshener and eliminates bad breath which are caused by odor causing compounds. This also can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Stank Be Gone then goes to work softening plaque and tart so it comes off easier when they eat anything hard. Stank Be Gone will also reduce fecal and urine odor. And it will reduce brown grass caused by urine.

NO Alcohol
Dog breath remedies
30 Day Money Back Guarantee.Please let us know if you are not satisfied for any reason.

Stank Be Gone is Made In The USA

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