The Honest Kitchen Beams: Fish Skin Chew Dog Treat, 7 OZ

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Beams are made from pure, wild-caught Atlantic Catfish skins, from the clean ocean waters of Iceland, dried into savory, chewy sticks. They're guaranteed to satisfy the pickiest of pups and are the perfect treat alternative to dried chicken snacks or bully sticks. Beams are an excellent source of lean protein. They're also lower fat and are a good source of Omega 3 essential fatty acids. Fish is an excellent treat for dogs who have sensitivities to more common protein sources. Ingredient is wild-caught Atlantic Cat­fish skins, from Iceland. Contains minimum 88 percent protein, minimum 4 percent fat, maximum 0.2 percent fiber, maximum 8 percent moisture, Omega 3 EFA 1.5 gram/100 gram, calories (Calculated) 3650 cal/kg. Available in small size and 7-ounce per pack and comes 6 per box.

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