Unifery Pet Supplies – Dogs 2.3 OZ Interactivetraining safe Soft Silicone Red Flying Disc, New Retractable Black Dog Leash, Extends 26 Feet Long

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Great Toy & Leash Bundle for Dogs. Young, middle-aged, even seniors can get the exercise and enjoyment they need with any of these dog toys separately. Now we have put them into one favourable bundle!!! This bundle will provide hours of playtime for you and your dog. The bundle is designed for dogs of all ages and agility. First, the a full size frisbee is great for the dogs who still love to fetch and run. Next, the retractable leash make your dog feel the experience of runing fully and freely. All these let your pet enjoy a healty life and enhance intimacy and mutual valuing!!!Everlast Pet Supplies - Well made Toys and Leashes at favourable prices. From our puppies to yours.....Arf!!! Arf!!!

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